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the hike

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Stake me!
  royalsu, Mar 10 2009

I haven't played any poker for 4 months, been concentrating on finishing my math degree. Cashed out for tuition and living expenses.

I'm not looking for a big stake even though I plan on getting back to 2/4. I can grind low limits so I'm just thinking of a quick stake of 1k for 50nl. Never done a stake before. I'm thinking stars or party. Although I should start a rakeback account.


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400nl vid!!
  royalsu, Sep 04 2008

i decided to make a 40min vid to clear up some of my leaks. Please make comments! A couple of fun spots but a standard vid imo.

I'm still planning on making instructional videos, but I'm undecided on what limits to play and where to release them.


royalsu 400nl vid

edit: i apologize for the size 270mbs

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quick update
  royalsu, Aug 27 2008

3 days ago i was 14k richer. san fran grinding started out so good with 2 weeks of winning every day at 400nl...ah well, I'm still up on this trip.

oh and myth's vid rocks.

time to go mini-balling.

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